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School Zone Tragedy

Rhonda Neal Boudreaux and her family had just gone through two hurricane's back to back, Katrina and Rita, and lost everything. As she was trying to come back from that nightmare, on October 18th, 2005, Rhonda's life changed forever. Rhonda had her daughter and son in the car with her as she was driving her daughter to school. Her older son was waiting to get on the bus and watched everything unfold in front of him. Rhonda was almost finished making a turn when a distracted driver T-boned her car. Rhonda had looked to make sure no cars were coming, but the lady driving the car who T-boned them was too busy speeding, signing school papers, giving her daughter money for school, and on her cell phone. All this focus took off her actual driving while bringing her own daughter to school. The driver's daughter had suffered a broken leg while Rhonda's son suffered from the seat belt hurting his chest and her daughter Katelyn had to be taken by helicopter to the trauma center. She found out Katelyn was brain dead and not coming home again.On October 20th, Rhonda had to take her beloved daughter, her only daughter, off life support. Not only losing her beautiful daughter, Rhonda also had to be there for her boys who just watched their sister's life end so tragically. Katelyn's death was preventable and should not have happened. This was not just one distraction it was 4 distractions that were all 100% preventable. Katelyn will forever be 8 years old and never getting the chance to experience everything that life had to offer her while cheating her family out of all the memories they were unable to make. Now all they have is 8 years of wonderful loving memories and a life time of pain of not having her only daughter, watching her graduate, go to college, get married and have children. A life cut short because of a reckless distracted driver. Rhonda you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.we will always remember your beautiful Katelyn. In Katelyn's memory just drive, everything else can wait!.

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