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Dinner Drinks lead to loss of 9 Year Old

Drunk Driving deaths have no time or place. Gail Schroeder and her 9 year old daughter Engel were traveling less than 5 min from their house on their way to pick up Gail's older daughter. A women who just left a restaurant after drinking while dining was not paying attention to the stop lights, which was red for her to stop. She ran right threw the stop light going 80 miles a hour and hit Gail's van. The impact caused the van to be ripped in two and Gail was thrown out of the van, hit the ground, and ended up unconscious. Little Engel unfortunately had her brain stem severed at impact. Both Engel and Gail were rushed to the Trauma Center. Engel was put on life support due to no brain activity. Gail, while dealing with her own pain and trauma, had to make the most painful decision of her life... to remove her little baby girl off life support. At that moment all her dreams for her daughter's future were shattered and life would never be the same again. Gail now lives with all the beautiful memories she has for her baby girl and the pain of everything she will miss of her beloved Engel. 

In Engels memory call a cab or take the keys from your friends. Have a designated driver with you. Engel's Death was 100% preventable.

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