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A Stranger answered my daughters phone!

Remembering Brittany Milton who was killed April 7, 2017 by a driver not paying attention to the road. 

Theresa Ascension's world came crashing down when a stranger answered her daughters phone.When Brittany left for work, Theresa realized she forgot to tell her daughter something and called her phone. A strange voice answered it and told her that her daughter was in an accident. Theresa went to the accident scene. Upon arrival an officer came to Theresa and put his right hand on her left shoulder then told her that her daughter did not make it.  Never in a million years would Theresa have ever thought she would lose her daughter to someone carelessly texting and driving, paying more attention to their phone and not the road. 

Brittany loved animals and was also in FIFA. She had lambs and goats. She left behind her favorite dog Sadie, who was pregnant at the time and gave birth to 9 puppies after her memorial.

Brittany was a shining star. She could light up a room with just a smile and was loved by everyone she came in contact with. She had so many friends that all love and miss her terribly but will always keep her in their memories. Her family is completely heartbroken the loss they feel is horrible. As her life was taken in just a split second, her family will miss out on all the wonderful milestones they could have shared together with their daughter, marriage, a career, maybe even children one day! All of Brittany's passions in life were taken away in a split second.

Brittany Milton was born March 3 1994 in her short life she did accomplish a lot of great things, graduating high school in 2012 where she then went to Terelton State University. Then on to a great career at Olive Garden. Just a young women enjoying her life and beginning her journey and it was all taken away from her because of someone driving distracted!! Brittany's legacy will live on forever through her family and many friends. Her mom  hopes this story will teach others about the choices they make while driving and how in an instance an entire family life can be forever changed!

Theresa Ascension you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. Brittany will always be remembered.

In Brittany Milton's memory put the cell phones down. That call,email, snapchat or text can wait. The effects can last a life time that you can never get back!!

There are no do overs!

Brittany's life Mattered!

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