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Tylers last 5 seconds....

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

Tyler Smedley, age 22, was traveling home from work and less than a mile from his home when he decided to do a video selfie on his phone. He was not paying attention to his job on hand and his car drifted across the roadway and crashed into a light post and was killed on impact. His car went Airborne and flipping and rolling his car hitting several trees and landed on its driver side and Tyler was partially ejected. Tyler grew up in California and moved to Washington State to be with his 4 year old twin boys Danny and Charlie. Tyler was a "awesome dad" who loved his boys very much and who's happiness was all that matter to him. Tyler had just graduated a year before from Le Cordon Bleu Cooking School in Seattle and went to Vail Colorado for his internship. He had his life planned out for him and his sons. He loved to cook for everyone and anyone. He was working on his way up the chain to become a Chef which was his dream job. Tyler loved all sports and was scheduled to make a four month hike of the Pacific Crest Trail the year after his death. Tyler is still helping others even after his death. Tyler's corneas were donated enabling two gentlemen to now see again. He also helped additional people through the donation of skin and bone tissue and bone marrow. I now became an advocate in the fight to end cell phone use while driving i now share the last 6 seconds of Tyler's life in order to bring attention to the young drivers who are out there on their cell phones and doing selfies, snap chatting and texting.

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