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My mother, sister, niece and daughter were in an accident and my niece was the only survivor....

It was Tuesday, June 6th. Every Tuesday, my mother Bonnie took my 7 year old daughter Hannah to see my older daughter Rachael. They would spend the day fishing, swimming or watching movies and playing games. This particular day I had asked my mom to take my 15 year old niece Katie. Her mom Amber had been gone working lately. I left for work that morning while everyone was asleep. I came home at the end of the day and my mother's truck was home. I thought it unusual,but went in the house and got ready to take a shower. As soon as I walked in three, out of county police officers, were at my door. I feel like they were in my neighborhood waiting for me to arrive. They came in and told me

. She was being air lifted to Chicago. I remember the first thing I said was I didn't get to kiss Hannah good bye. I went to work at 430 and often if I kissed her it would wake her up and then she would wake my mom, so I opted not too. My sister had a history of driving issues and I'm not sure why she was there that day nor why my mom let her drive. I was told the traffic was stopped for a gentlemen to turn left into his driveway, but he was waiting for oncoming traffic. There were two more vehicles behind him. My sister was speeding, tailgating and texting. The police believe she swerved into oncoming traffic to avoid rear ending them. She hit a semi head on. I was told they all passed instantly. I never got to see my daughter or family. The funeral home arranged for a hand viewing. There is so much more to this than what I have said here. The worst part of all of this is it was 100% preventable. Many people say that my mom, sister and daughter lost their life that day. That is simply not true. That day my two nieces lost their life. My other children lost their life. I lost mine.

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