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"I SHOT MYSELF...." Amanda

Lillie Edna Chavers was a wonderful person that loved everyone and especially her 3 daughter's and 5 grand children. But all of that was taken away by a 21 yr old girl that was texting and driving. Lillies husband had just gotten a new motorcycle and they were in Bay Minette, Alabama heading to buy a new home . As they sat at the red light a girl texting and driving never looked up. She hit them at 55 mph as they sat waiting for the light to change. Lillie died instantly. Now her girls suffer every day and her grandchildren ask for her nonstop and ask to see her or call her. This selfish girl texting and driving took everything away from them. She was my cousin. Everyone called her sunshine because she would light up every ones day.

My little brothers Ben and Daniel were best friends and everyone loved them so much. They could make anyone laugh. They had hearts of gold. Daniel had 3 children and Ben had 4 and his 5th child was due any day. My brothers were just like my own children because I had a large part in raising them. They would help anyone and had such kind hearts. They were always together. Just like the night of July 16th 2015 when a lady came around a curve and hit them head on. She admitted she was texting and never seen them. My brothers were both ejected because they didn't have their seatbelts on. Daniel died instantly and Ben lived 40 days in intensive care but eventually died from his injuries. Losing them has destroyed my family. We are in constant sorrow. The pain is never ending. This past February I attempted suicide by shooting myself. But my boyfriend came in as I was pulling the trigger and knocked the gun away from my head and the bullet went thru the upper right side of my chest. Dealing with a loss this large never gets easier. And this woman doesn't even have any guilt for destroying all of our lives. She stole so much from our family because of a text.

In my cousin lillies case ahe was the only one that died. Her helmet flew off when they were hit and she flew over the car busting her head so bad they would only let us identify her by a small cross tattoo on her hand. And with my brothers my mother, sister, and I had to identify him. And that's an image I will live with forever. No one knows the pain of having to look at your baby brother lying on a slab with bones sticking out of every part of his body and his face smashed in so bad that he is unrecognizable. His legs were crushed and twisted around with all his bones sticking out. This image haunts me every day. I have had to be committed into 2 short term mental hospitals since their deaths. And my mother is now a recluse that never leaves home. She only stays home and cries. She has had to be hospitalized in a short term mental hospital as well since their deaths. Our family is shattered in every way. None of us will ever be ok again.


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