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Flagger Hit by Transport Truck!!

I was in an accident involving a tanker driver who fell asleep at the wheel. But I wasn’t in a vehicle, I was working as a flag person up in deep river. I had one transport stopped when I seen another transport approaching at a high speed. I stepped further back and waved my sign even more trying to get the drivers attention to stop. However that didn’t happen! The driver of the fuel tanker hit the parked transport at 110 km/hr drove the parked transport 500 yards forward and all I remember is the back end of the parked transport coming at me sideways and opening my eyes being face down in the ditch on top of my sign that had broke my collar bone. I used the sign to help me get myself out of the ditch apparently adrenaline and shock took over to make sure the two drivers were ok. Once I was told that they were both fine I collapsed until the ambulance arrived and took me to the hospital. I had a concussion, whiplash, torn muscles, ligaments, tissue damage, and my vertebrae’s have been compressed. The driver that fell asleep at the wheel only cut his forehead.

I now have a lifetime pain I go twice a week to the city for nerve injections, and I’ve had back surgery and will be having another in the future .

**You don't have to be a driver to be effected by distracted driving!!**

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