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Your Cell Phone Killed my Grandpa....

Today we Remember Joe Cleveland who was taken from his loving family and friends due to a distracted driver. February 25th 2012 a driver paid more attention to their cell phone than the task of driving. Joe's life mattered, his family now grieve for their father, grandfather, and husband. Joe's family has been cheated out of so many great times they should have been experiencing with their father and grandfather.  

Dana Cleveland our hearts go out to you and your family. Getting a call that your father is gone is hard enough to handle, finding out your dad's death was 100 percent preventable and should never had happen is one heartbreak no family should ever have to live through. 

In Joe's Memory keep your distractions on hold until you are out of your car, your text, call, or snapchat can wait.

R.I.P Mr Cleveland

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