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The Sounds of the Last Chear....

On 5-9-15 Natalia Salcido went into a car with her friends. Her parents were under the impression their was a adult driving the car. Instead it was a friend who only had a provisional driver license and could not have anyone in the car with her. As the girls were driving home the driver of the car turned around to show the girls in the back seat something on her phone. As she turned around it was to late to react and they hit the tree head on. Natalia was taken to the hospital where she died. 

Natalia was a very popular girl in school and was very loved by all who knew her. She was a cheerleader in high school and was involved in many school activities. Her sister Noel and Natalia had made so many plans together. One was to be each others bridesmaids when they each got married. They were more than sisters they were best friends. Natalia's death changed Noel's life forever.

  Natalia's parents Chris and Andora's life has been effected in more ways than they ever thought possible. The little girl they watched grow into this amazing young woman and had so many dreams about her future but they now live a nightmare no parent should ever have to live. They will never see their beautiful daughter graduate from college and one day get married and start a family. They will never have the honor of becoming grandparents from Natalia. The Heartbreak the Salcido's now live with never getting to be with their daughter just rip's into their hearts and souls. 

Distracted Driving leaves a life time of hell and it effects everyone .

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