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Speed kills....

In Loving Memory of Kyle. (Buster)

Distracted Driving is not always by cell phone use or drunk driving. It can also be by speeding and not paying attention to the road or your driving.  

Kyle like so many young guys would like to race his friends. Making that choice cost Kyle everything. 

On October 26, 2015 Kyle lost control of his car and was killed on impact while racing.  Kyle's loss has affected so many people who loved him. His family now will grieve for this this amazing guy who's heart and soul touched everyone.

Kyle had a amazing spirit and loved life and lived it so wholeheartedly. His spirit now lives threw all the wonderful memories they have of him and his light will shine bright forever.

Kim Lagone you and your family are in our thoughts and Prayers.

we will always remember your Angel Kyle(Buster)

In Kyle's Memory please remember distractions of any kind while driving will always have a bad out come. 

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