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I once had a grandson.....

One of Dawn's pride and joys was her grandson TC who she adored like a son. To Dawn he was her son in every way. TC was a fun loving guy who enjoyed hanging out with his friends and family. He had a warm smile that just touched your heart and was loved by so many.

Dawn had so many hopes and dreams for TC's future. 

On July 24th 2015 TC left the house without anyone knowing he was gone. He met up with a friend and they got into a Jeep. The driver of the Jeep had been drinking when he picked up TC. They were less than 10 miles out when this intoxicated driver was speeding, driving recklessly and not paying attention to the road. The driver ended up running the jeep off the road. The jeep started to roll and all 3 boys  were ejected. Sadly TC lost his life at the scene. 

TC's death was 100 % preventable and so senseless. The driver was selfish and only thinking about himself and not his passengers. TC was only 15.....

Speeding, drinking and reckless driving is a deadly combination and only ends with deadly results.

 Dawn's world came crashing down when she got the news her beautiful handsome grandson was gone and never coming back to her. Now, she grieves for everything she has been cheated out of and all the new memories her and her family will never have.

The choices the driver made to drive drunk and reckless cost an innocent life and left a life time of pain.

Think smart!! there are no do overs when you drink and drive and take a life. 

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