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3 killed, 1 injured...Preventable

On June 6th 2017 life for Aprillynn Aldaz changed forever when she received a call her beautiful daughter Hannah was killed in a car crash along side her mom and her sister. Her niece survived the crash but was in Hospital. Aprillynn's sister was tailgating and speeding, along with texting which caused the crash to happen.

Today Aprillynn is sharing her story because she wants everyone to realized that speeding, tailgating and texting while driving is one hundred percent preventable and leaves a life time of pain. Not only losing her beautiful daughter, but her mom and sister as well.

Hannah was full of life and was the light and sunshine in Aprilllynn's life. Her little Angel touched so many hearts in her short 7 years. Her friends and family will miss her forever, they will miss all the special events they will never get to share with Hannah. They will never see her Graduate from High School or go to College or get married.

In Hannah's Memory please drive responsible and keep your cell phones down, pay attention to your speed and the cars in front of you. 

Hannah's life mattered. Hannah should be here enjoying life.

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