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Drowsy Driver Results in Childs' Death

Paul Maag would never let his mom drive alone, not even on a school night knowing he had to get up early. On 9-1-11 Paul's mom, Kelly, had to bring a friend home about four hours away, she asked Paul if he wanted to stay home. Paul wouldn't have it, he wanted to keep his mom company on their drive.

On the way home Kelly took a different way she thought it would be a shorter drive home. After stopping to get something to eat, Paul laid down still in his seat belt, holding his baseball teddy. He laid on his pillow and cover himself with his blanket. Kelly told him how much she loved him and said sweet dreams. Paul's reply was "I love you too Momma." Kelly came upon a semi truck driver just getting on the freeway and passing a second one when Kelly had notice the second Semi Truck driver was crossing over the lines. She thought she should pass him because he was driving slower as well. As she started to pass him, the second set of tires shot up water under her, which cause her to hydroplane. Then causing her car to do a 360 spin on the road heading towards the embankment. Kelly told Paul  to brace himself even though Paul had fallen asleep. Kelly hit the embankment and her car went airborne flipping twice then rolling 8 times . Paul's seat belt had malfunction and released between the 6 or 7th roll. Kelly saw Paul's blanket go out the window. When her car finely stopped rolling the driver of the first Semi truck ran to her window and asked her if there was anyone else in the car. She said my son Paul. Kelly looked to the back seat and Paul was missing. Kelly started screaming for her son. Not knowing that Paul was wrapped up in the blanket when she saw the blanket go out the window.

 The police told Kelly that the Semi truck driver who was all over the road was driving drowsy and was the reason for this crash.

Paul was so well loved by everyone. He was a caring loving son who would help anyone and everyone. He was so loved by his classmates that they put together their money and bought a plaque and a tree in Paul's memory. The school and the school football team did a dedication game in Paul's memory as well and collected $256.00 to help pay for Paul's service. Paul was just so loved and very much missed by everyone. Kelly and her family will forever miss this amazing son, brother and dear friend. 

Kelly was also hurt very badly, she shattered her left wrist and had three surgeries to try to get it back together. To this day she still has a broken bone in it that plates and screwed are mostly holding together, almost completely severed her thumb off, and now suffers from seizures from her brain being shaken so bad. She was also six months pregnant and miscarried her unborn daughter. She has lost 6 days of memory from the crash. Its been seven years and Kelly relives that crash every night. She now has night terrors due to this nightmare. 

 Paul's death was 100% preventable if the truck driver would have rested Paul would still be here. We have rest stops for a reason. 

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