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Drinking and Driving is Distracted Driving!!

10 years ago,19 year old Cary had his life planned out for him. Collage, work, getting married and starting a family. Then that fateful day everything changed. 

 Dec 21, 2008 life as Sandy Johnston knew it had changed forever when she got the devastating news her beloved son, Cary, was gone.Cary's death was cause by a selfish drunk driver who made the choice to get into his car and drive, taking the life of her baby boy, who she loved and watch grow up into this loving man. it just ripped her heart apart and left a lifetime of pain.

 Sandy will always wonder how could someone so selfishly get into a car after drinking knowingly he could kill...???

Everything Sandy and her family hoped and dream for Cary was gone in a blink of a eye. She will never see Cary get married have children and one day become a grandparent. Sandy's memories of Cary growing up is all she will have to look back on and was cheated out of future memories yet to be made.

 In memory of Cary if you go out drinking, have a plan set to get  home. Call a cab or uber. Take the keys from your friends if they are drinking to much. 

When you make the choice to drink and drive, you made a choice for another person to live or died. 

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