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I Pinky Swear Story


After being hit by a distracted driver on September 1st 2015, Linda “Pinky” Brown started a campaign to bring awareness to this growing issue. While she was still in the hospital, Pinky and her friends created the “Don’t Drive Distracted #iPinkySwear” Facebook page, that reached an on line audience spanning the globe. In the summer of 2019, Pinky rode her V-Rod Muscle to every Harley-Davidson dealership in Canada. Even though Pinky has been deemed disabled, she continues to use the skills she acquired during her career in social work. Pinky also received the Extraordinary Woman award from Woman’s Resources for her Determination in October 2017, right after being permitted onto Parliament Hill with her personal motorcycle!!

Pinky has donated countless hours of her time to her community, assisting with many organizations that have been near and dear to her heart. Pinky's goal is to make the roads a safer place, not only for motorcycle riders, but for everyone who utilizes the road from cars and trucks to people riding bicycles and even children at play. How can you help? Like and Share!!! it is simple really...the more you like and share, the more awarenesss you will raise with your family and friends!!

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by Pinky & the

Vanhalteren Trio

Pinky and the Vanhalteren Trio; with the help our absolutely talented media videographer, Dylan Bishcoff; have found another way to raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving!!! 


When you are bed ridden and recovering in a hospital bed listening to patients around you in so much pain, your heart melts and you build a desire to fight back…but how??

The biggest problem with driving infractions is lack of education. Many people cannot relate, therefore it doesn’t cross their mind. Pink Storm attracts a lot of attention. Woman riders attract attention. A disabled woman rider on a Harley attracts attention!! So, let’s use this to our advantage. Every stop this pink bike makes, people feel comfortable coming up asking if they can take a picture. Absolutely!! We then talk about our campaign and explain how dangerous driving can be if your not paying full attention. We hear stories from other individuals that we can share to bring awareness. As we are sharing our experiences, we meet new people who are now spreading the word as well. This becomes a spider web of education.

We are also available for schools, drivers education classes, and community events.



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